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Kobi Kamhaji – A Diamond Expert’s Suggestions about Investment

People find many ways to spend money whether it is for purchasing things or try to invest it in the hope of making bigger return-on-investment in the near future. Similar to spending money, there are countless methods to make investments; some choose to buy stocks, other buy properties or lands, and the rest make investments by purchasing jewelries. Gold can be the most probable investment that comes to mind, but diamond can be a good choice too, if you have the know-how. The following suggestions are based on Koby Kamhaji Opinion

Just like any other investment, diamonds can make profits if you buy low and sell high; this is the general rule of anything basically. The problem is that you may not realize that the companies that sell investment-grade diamonds often give mark-up price. Koby Kamhaji, a diamond expert, has an interesting of explaining why diamonds can be both lucrative and stupid investment. He explained that diamonds are women’s best friend, forever, strong material, but diamond is also one of the easiest ways to fool people.

As far as investment is concerned, you need to be a smart buyer by spending as little as possible, but making as huge profit as you can. You cannot simply purchase diamonds and sell it to the highest bidder. It takes time to find the correct buyer and in the mean time you probably need to spend more for insurance. The best thing is that you only purchase any diamond only when it is recommended by the expert. Koby Kamhaji also suggested that you have bigger chance of purchasing profitable diamonds when you follow their advices.

There are still many reasons, however, to invest in diamonds. People see new things everyday and the market trend changes very often; it puts many risks to most types of investment including stocks. Even the value of money continues to drop. Koby Kamhaji describes diamonds as real estate in your pocket, meaning the investment can be as safe as possible with the right protection, and the price is highly unlikely to drop drastically.

Bottom line, before investing your money to diamonds and expect huge profits, Kobi Kamhaji suggested that you need an expert to help you to decide which diamond is worth the money. There are many factors to determine the value of this gemstone, more than its beautiful colors and size. Even two identical diamonds can be in entirely different values for money. Koby Kamhaji even creates a blog where everybody can learn anything about diamonds as investments and all related stories, cases, and studies.

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