miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

Why invest in Diamonds

Let’s define first what the qualities of a good investment are.
An investment that retain its value unaffected by stock market crashes, inflation, or anything that cause currency to devalue.
An investment that offers you some privacy from your finances being scrutinized, There is no paper trail when you own 100 percent of the asset.
An investment that requires no ongoing maintenance.
An investment that no one person or organization has a monopoly on.
An investment which is easily transported and has an international value.
And surprisingly (or not) Diamonds qualified for all of the above.
By looking at the historical price of Diamonds in the last year, you can see that their strength is very clear, and nothing seems to affect them, some diamonds did change, however they are not the investment type (this point will be discussed more soon).
Secondly it offers you peace and tranquility, that your money is safe.
Investment Diamonds are not like regular jewelry diamonds, they require no maintenance, there is no warring risk, and they don’t take a lot of space.
Many potential investors make a fair argument about investing in Diamonds claiming that it’s relatively a new market that has no strong investment background.
There are many different approaches as to why it is that way.
First of all, since the diamond industry began people always bought diamonds as a family fund, maybe it wasn’t call investment but a family fund is a type of investment.
Second of all in order for a diamond to be a good investment, it has to be bought in a good price (like any other good investment), it can’t be an investment when one man or one organization owns 100% of that market, you can’t have your invested money depending on one man’s bad day.
So as the diamond industry began, it was in a way a one man show, which is the first sign of a bad investment, DeBeers owned all the Diamond mines, and the price was what they said.
Second of all until the diamond made his way to the store, it pass 3 or 4 hands and hence lost its investment value (and nonetheless almost everyone how purchase a diamond, considered it as an investment).
Now a day the diamond industry is extremely far from being a one man show, new diamonds mines are discovered every year in different countries and different condition, more competition exists and they all want to sell.
By Koby Kamhaji
Koby Kamhaji Koby Kamhaji Koby Kamhaji

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Koby kamhaji

Investment Diamonds are starting to become everyday more and more rare, transforming into a better investment.
Most investors who had invested in Diamonds in the beginning of this year already recover the investment and had some benefit.
It's becoming more accessible to the individual.
Would you like to join??

jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Koby kamhaji

The Table

The Table has an extremely important role in the brightness and fire of a Diamond.
It is the biggest facet and largest visible part of the Diamond with an unaided eye, the table is essentially a door that lets light enter end exit the Diamond.
The Table size is generally expressed by its relation to the Diamonds diameter, some times it is expressed as "Table Size" and in most cases as "Table Percentage".
For example if the Diamond diameter is 100mm and the Table is 56mm, the "Table size" will be 56mm and the "Table Percentage" will be 56%, if the Diamond diameter is 8.05mm and the Table is 4.66mm, the Table size will be 4.66mm and the "Table Percentage" will be 57.88% [the equation is ("table size" x 100) divided by the Diamond diameter).
Most modern cut diamonds have a Table Percentage starting at 55% to 65%, Some old cuts have 45% or lower.

Koby kamhaji


Fluorescence is a type of color reaction to Ultraviolet radiation.
Fluorescence is seen under Ultraviolet light  in colors such as blue, white, and in some cases yellow, red, orange, and green, with an intensity of very slight, faint, medium, strong, and very strong.
To understand better what is fluorescence (without touching the chemical part) imagine taking a cup of water and pouring some milk in to it, that milky color is what fluorescence looks like.
UV light is everywhere, the sun produces UV radiation which most of it gets blocked by the Ozone Layer, but UV light is presence everywhere.
Fluorescence has nothing to do with clarity or color, it is possible to see a D color, FL clarity with very strong fluorescence.
Does fluorescence affect the value?
Depending on the appraiser that you ask, some will say yes and others no.
Investment Diamonds shouldn't have fluorescence, for the simple reason that some appraiser say it has an effect, always remember Investment Diamonds have to be bulletproof to all bullets, not just to some, sometimes the words of one appraiser can destroy your investment, so why give him the opportunity.

viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

Koby kamhaji

The Case for Diamond Investors

There is no question that Diamond investment is now one of the smartest investments possible.

I want to tell you a short story that happened to me a few weeks ago; one of my clients, after a short presentation and some thinking time, decided to buy an investment Diamond, this client was very special to me because he is the owner of a known bank in the area and has many investing groups.    

The next morning he deposited the money in my account and told me that he is going on a business trip and that in 3 weeks he´ll be back to pick up his Diamond.

After 3 and half weeks he sent me an E-mail apologizing for not making it back on time and that as soon as he can he´ll let me know when he is coming back, on the mean time he wrote ¨hold on to the Diamond¨.

The weeks went on, finally after 4 weeks I get an Email from him that in 2 days he is coming to pick it up.

Before I continue the story I should probably let you know that the Diamond I got him as an investment was 1 of 3 of its kind available in the market, the funny thing was that the day he came it there was NON in the market, in other words, he become the owner of an Investment Diamond that has no offer and lots of demand.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make, Investing in Diamonds is not just about the ¨4 c´s¨ (Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat), it´s about knowing the market and its people, there are a lot of great quality Diamond out there, but there are a lot of them, not many Diamonds can be considered ¨Investment Diamonds¨.

The end of the story was that when the client came to pick it up I offered to buy it back from him at 2% more then what I sold it to him, to which he answer with a smile ¨I don’t know a lot about Diamond and much less about investment Diamonds, but I do know something about good investment, next time I buy an Investment Diamond from you, hold it for as long as you want¨, and then he took his Diamond and left with a big smile on his face.

Today he called me back….

Koby kamhaji

Financial destiny

¨By developing your discipline and your courage, you can refuse to let other people´s mood swings govern your financial destiny. In the end, how your investment behave is much less important than how you behave¨
Benjamin Graham

Every investment is about making money, investment by definition is ¨putting money into something with the expectation of profit¨, sometimes the investment works sometimes is doesn’t.
However this is a misconception, when your investment is only ¨expected¨ to make profit it’s a gamble, not much intelligence is needed for that.
When your money is ¨supposed¨ to gain profit based on someone else mood it’s no longer an investment, it’s at best a speculation.
 Just like no one considers buying a lottery tickets an investment, so too an ¨investment¨ with a speculation factor it´s not an investment.
Investing in Diamonds is not just a good investment, it´s an act of discipline and financial behavior.