jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Koby kamhaji

The Table

The Table has an extremely important role in the brightness and fire of a Diamond.
It is the biggest facet and largest visible part of the Diamond with an unaided eye, the table is essentially a door that lets light enter end exit the Diamond.
The Table size is generally expressed by its relation to the Diamonds diameter, some times it is expressed as "Table Size" and in most cases as "Table Percentage".
For example if the Diamond diameter is 100mm and the Table is 56mm, the "Table size" will be 56mm and the "Table Percentage" will be 56%, if the Diamond diameter is 8.05mm and the Table is 4.66mm, the Table size will be 4.66mm and the "Table Percentage" will be 57.88% [the equation is ("table size" x 100) divided by the Diamond diameter).
Most modern cut diamonds have a Table Percentage starting at 55% to 65%, Some old cuts have 45% or lower.

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